Monday, December 6

Birthday invitations

Mats' birthday is coming up, so this weekend Mats made his invitations. He used Sausan Designs' cool retro TV stamps and also the cute little birds and owls set. And for the text, he used October Afternoon small typing stamps. Very easy peasy, but kinda cute, me thinks:). Lotte was his right hand helper to organize the cards, while he was working. It's starting to be a tradition to use Sausan Designs products for our kids invitations, and they really are perfect for it. Here are last years cards, and here are Jonas' invitations from last year:)


Lucia M said...

Great design! I believe Mats got talent after his mom:)

~Isabell~ said...

utrolig friske og fine=)ser hvor han har talentet fra=) ha en fin dag

sylvie said...

Sweet invitations!! There are some bdays coming up, huh? Happy bday to Mats! Big boy!!