Friday, December 10

December daily - day 9 & 10

Had a great day today and what a good feeling it is. Started out with a zumba workout, then having a friend over for a cup of tea (and some cookies:)). Lotte brought a girlfriend home from school, and they helped baking a cake for daddy, who's birthday it is tomorrow. And Mats helped me baking pizza for dinner, while Jonas and Lotte watched "Jul i Svingen" on tv. Anyway, here is my simple solution to this years Dd day 9 and 10, keeping the journaling short and letting the pictures speak their own stories. I still didn't find the time to take quality pictures of the book, but I have some sneaks of my other sections in the book, like the recipe section and the Christmas tradition section.

Dec. Daily day 9

Dd day 10

Dd day 10 - 2



Mrs. b said...

Så fina sidor du gjort! Gillar den enkla stilrena formen!

Radish said...

This looks great and original. Nice that you photographed with an app. Happy Holidays.