Thursday, December 2

Keeping busy...

...and I am sure I am not the only busy person at the moment:). I decided to do a "December daily" project, instigated by Ali Edwards, this year. I have wanted to do this for years, but never quite found the time to. Well this year I'm on. I already made the basic album and pages, so that I can just fill it with the everyday pictures as I go. I decided to combine it with recipes and Christmas traditions as well, so I can use the same base every year. Will show pictures later.

So, yesterday was Dec. 1st, and the kids enjoyed opening the first bag of the Christmas calender. After school, the kids helped me decorating the gingerbread house that I had prepared. After using Ikeas pre-made ones for years, I decided to use my own design this year. Not very complicated, but I quite like it. And the kids LOVE it of course:) They were very good little helpers with putting on and tasting the sweets.

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