Friday, January 21

Yummy sharon salad with apple grenade and ruccola

After making the weekly trip to the local Turkish shop today, I ended up buying a lot of fun fruits and vegetables like apple grenade, sharon, pumpkin, plantains (steke banan) +++. It's so inspiring seeing all that delicious food, and for SO little money:)

As we were having salmon for dinner, I decided to make up my own fun salad with sharon fruit (I love the sweet taste with the salmon). I had my own little assistant doing most of the job:). And it turned out a huge success with the little ones, so I thought there might be more of you out there with kiddies who might appreciate the recipe.

1 piece of sharon fruit
1/2 lime
a handful of ruccola
1/2 apple grenade
white balsamic cream vinegar
fresh mint

Slice the sharon fruit and spread it on a plate. Marinate with lime juice. Spread the ruccola over the plate and sprinkle with the cream vinegar. Decorate with the seeds from the apple grenade over the top, use as much as you prefer. Finnish of with some fresh mint on top. Bon appetit!

The verdict:)

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