Monday, February 14

Fun and colorful birthday treats

This is a little tutorial for a fun and easy project. I made these little envelopes together with my oldest son (10 years), so this is something you can do with your kids or even have them do for you:) Anyway I had the idea, after making pumpkin soup and keeping the seeds (I just hate throwing them away), that seeds are actually something most kids appreciate. The fact that it's free, doesn't make it any less interesting for them; it's something they can sow by them self, take care of and nurture and see growing, and maybe - if they are lucky - they get to harvest a pumpkin or two. As Mats was going to 2 birthday parties last week, we made these envelopes to add to the bigger present. They can be given as birthday treats as well or just for fun.

So here's how we did it. First I cut out squares of 13x13 cm. I used the Funky Funky papers from Sausan designs, that I still love, love the bold colors and the fun patterns. I cut of the corner of the bottom corner (see pic), and folded the right and left corner like in the first picture. If you need measurements, they have to be folded to the middle of the square, so you can mark it 12,5 cm from all sides. Then I folded the bottom corner up until it made a good looking envelope and glued it with Aleene's tacky glue (my favorite adhesive).

Then I folded the last corner and the envelope was finished. For the "label" I used one of the stamps from Sausan designs Karl und Karla set. I cut it out and glued it to the front with 3D tape. Easy peasy...... Hope this inspired some of you to keep some of those seeds you can collect for free and make someone else happy:)


Maja60 said...

Wat een leuke tutorial! Bedankt!!!

letterlady said...

The little envelopes are so colorful!
Jan Hurst