Sunday, February 6

A fun notebook made of left-overs

This is something I made for my niece Mercedes' birthday, quite some time ago, but I never got around to make a post about it. It is one of my favorite projects ever, so I thought it should be shared, hopefully to inspire some of you to use your leftovers and make something useful and cool. This is a sort of a notebook, one to put pictures in, or poems, or have friends write something in it, whatever you like, really. There is also a little envelope to keep little keepsakes in. The cover is made of a piece of fabric that I found amongst my mother-in-laws stuff many years back - thinking it could be useful some day:). Well, what do you know.... I especially liked using this piece of fabric for Mercedes' book, as she was very close to her grandmother (my MIL), before she lost the battle against cancer a few years back.

I also used leftover pieces of ribbon and fabric, paper scraps and tags, even packaging. There really are no limits to what you can use to make something like this, and ANYBODY could make it, scrapbooker or not. SO, today's message is: use your stash and make someone happy:)


*fauve* said...

Wonderful!I love the fabric cover,very cool!

hanne said...

Så flott sydd cover og bok!