Friday, February 11

Very simple, very good apple cake - cooking with kids

Lotte and I have been busy again, and this time we made apple cake. It's very easy to make, just see here:

You need:

200 g butter (room temp.)
200 g sugar
4 eggs
200 g flour
2 ts baking powder
salt, muskat
2 apples

Like Lotte is showing you here, you take 2 apples, peal them, cut them in 4 pieces.

you cut each piece like this (slices but not all the way through). We used the egg slicer, but of course you could do this with a knife.

To mix the batter, you first mix butter and suger until it's creamy and almost white. Then add one egg at a time. Mix in the dry stuff and voila the batter is finished.

Then of course you have to taste the delicious batter....mmmmm!

Spread the batter in a baking pan and put the apple pieces on top like in the first pic. Bake at 170 degrees (Celsius) in 45 - 60 min. and then you have the finished cake. Perfect for a Saturday or Sunday tea.


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She is having so much fun,how cute!!

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