Tuesday, March 29

Fish soup - cooking with kids again....

Here's another one of my favorite recipes, one you can make with or without your younger family members:) It's tasty, it's healthy and very easy to make, so no excuses... You can prepare the soup well ahead of time and leave to let all the tastes mix, then add the fish just before you serve. The "aioli" gives the soup a kick that will have you asking for seconds..... I'm not using exact measurements in the recipe, as it depends on how many your cooking for, and it also is a question of taste. Use your head and imagination and combine as you feel like. You can of course use other vegetables instead or as well.

What you need:

tomatoes (you can also use a can of tomatoes)
some tbs of mayonnaise (1 tbs per person)
fish (use any kind you like, or even shrimps and other seafood)
2 cubes of fish bullion
salt and pepper

First prepare the "aioli", which I am making very easily by mixing mayonnaise with squeezed garlic. You can of course make the real home made aioli, but that's a lot more work and I'm not sure it's worth it for this purpose.

Then cut all the vegetables and the fish, just like Lotte in the picture. Squeeze some lime juice over the fish and add some salt and pepper. Keep the green from the fennel to marinate the fish and decorate the soup.

Cook the onions in some oil, then add all vegetables and the bullion cubes. Add some water if the tomatoes don't add enough liquid. Let simmer on medium heat for at least 20 minutes. Add the fish 5 minutes before serving. You can add some more lime juice if you like the taste. Prepare the plates with a tablespoon of the aioli (see first pic beneath), then fill the plates with soup and finish of with some green fennel. Serve with bread and enjoy. My kids really love this soup, so I hope yours will too.....

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Heidi said...

Hei Marianne!

Superlenge siden jeg har vært innom deg nå! Ser du er like kreativ enda. :) Gøy å se andre ting enn scrapping i bloggen din også. Den eplekaka så veldig god ut altså. :)

Her i Trondheim er det fantastisk fint vær i dag. Endelig sier jeg bare.

Håper du og dine får en fortsatt flott påske.