Monday, October 24

Article about instagramming in Het Parool

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I guess there are some milestones that are bigger than others. Having 5 of my pictures and being called an instagramcelebrity in a Dutch national paper Het Parool, Saturday Oct. 22. 2001, is definitely one of the BIG ones!!! The newspaper brought out a 4 page article about instagram, instagraming and the #instagramwalk020, and I just now finally saw the article myself. This definitely beats my only other mention in a newspaper ever, which was about a basketball match where I played well when I was 15!!!!! Haha! In a local Norwegian paper:)


Marianne/skorpionen said...

wow!!!! Fantastisk gøy da! (ehhh...sitter og lurer på om det er greit at jeg skriver til deg på norsk)
Men det du gjør med disse bildene er jo bare så utrolig og jeg skjønner godt at du har blitt kjent!

Marianne Hope said...

Haha! Selvfølgelig kan du skrive til meg på norsk!! Jeg er veldig NORSK altså:):):) Tusen takk kjære Marianne!! Det er litt stort dette altså, spesielt siden jeg aldri har vært i avisen for noe som helst (borsett fra den ene basketball kampen, da:)). Når man er så glad i å fotografere som jeg er, er det fantastisk godt å få anerkjennelse for det jeg gjør. Sånn er det bare. Klem fra Marianne2:)

*fauve* said...

WOW thats huge,congrats sweets!

Michael/Tintinchap said...

I managed to get the gist of the article, very interesting. And well done for featuring so prominently!

Michael / Tintinchap

PS Do you still play basketball?

Marianne said...

thank you Fauve!!

Marianne said...

Hi Michael! Good for you and thumbs up for managing to read Dutch!

About that basketball, I dont unfortunately:):) Wouldnt mind though and I did play till in my 20ies. I had a little disadvantage, being only 1,60(m) tall, but it was great fun back then.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving a greet!!! Highly appreciated!!

Hugs Marianne:)

Michael/Tintinchap said...

Ha! Yes, I can see that being 1.60 you were at a slight disadvantage playing basketball! :-D

With regards to "reading" Dutch, it was more a case of educated guessing!Knowledge of English, Danish and German helped. I liked the idea of comparing IG to a cult, with a mother superior (I forget her name), if I understood correctly, that is. But if IG is a cult, it is a very friendly, inclusive and creative cult. And I, for one, am happy to have joined and been brain-washed! :-)

IG hugs,

Michael aka Tintinchap

Marianne said...

Haha! SLIGHT disadvantage yes:D

And your educated guessing was indeed spot on, but youre right, reading Dutch isnt hard at all knowing those languages. I could read and understand almost everything right away after moving here, knowing those 3 languages:) I also learned to speak Dutch pretty easily (without any classing), so if you want to learn another language, go for dutch, haha! And I dont mind being in this cult either, very friendly, inspiring and educative.

Have a good night!!