Saturday, October 15

It's a socialmedia life and my trip to Austria

I'm a bad bad blogger!!!! I'm really struggling to find time to all the social medias, photography workload, family, fun and real life sociallife. I need to come up with some time effective way to do it all. Any suggestions???? The last months I have spent most of my time on photography related things, like iphoneography, Instagram, photoshoots and workshops. I assure you its all fun stuff, so I'm not COMplaining, just EXplaining:) I have learned more about photography in the 6 months I have been active on Instagram, then I have learned my hole life!! You can't beat that, can you? So, like I said; NOT complaining! One of the big things on this fun-filled list was my trip to Moerbisch am See in Austria to teach at "Designtage der Scrapqueens" a few weeks back now, and I wanted to show some of my favorite pictures from the workshops, and from the trip itself:

This is the hole group of scrapping and photographing ladies, flocking together on the stairs of "Galerie und Weingut Zentgraf"

From my photo workshop, demonstrating one of my favorite iphone apps, while talking about "The little things"

My co-teacher, Gudrun Loennecken, who is such a sweethart and who made the stay even more enjoyable:)

An evening walk by the Lake with hostess Karin and Gudrun

Paparazzi attack!! These are my students in action, during my "learning by doing" part of the photography class. I was teaching them about light, defined light and silhuettes.....

....and this is the subject or motive they were photographing:)

These are just some of my favorite pictures from the place.

I think you may have guessed by now that I had a great trip! Thank you Karin for inviting and having me, thank you Gudrun for sociallizing and wining and dining with me and thank you to all participants for giving me this experience!!

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