Tuesday, October 25

Photography class - Notice the little things

I've been a photo-maniac since I was 14 years old, always noticing things and motives that most people don't even see or recognize. I see the world in rectangles or squares:) My photographic journey from photographing with my first analogue SLR at 14, to where I am today has been a long and interesting one. I am 100 % self taught and many many hours have been spent figuring things out, learning about the technical stuff, learning about composition, light, communication with my subjects and how to best enhance the pictures in Photoshop. There is so much to learn and know, and no matter how many hours you put in, there will always be new things to learn and find out about, especially in today's constantly changing digital and social media dominated world.


General photography class
No matter if you have a big DSLR camera with fancy functions, a compact camera or just a telephone, the possibilities of taking good and interesting pictures are there. It's all about seeing and noticing and that's what I want to talk about and teach in my classes. I will talk about the technical basics, but my main focus will be on the creative aspect of photography, composition and design rules, how to take better pictures by noticing the light and how it will effect the subject, or by just using a different angle. I will talk about seeing the beauty around you and in our every day life, how to treasure "the little things" and notice what a wonderful world we live in.

Price: € 40,- (must be payed ahead to secure the spot)

Iphoneography class
This class is meant for those of you who have an iphone, and would like to learn more about this new way of photographing. You will learn how to make best use of the camera function, how to take better pictures with it,  what to do in difficult lighting conditions and how to enhance your pics on the phone. I will talk about most of the things from my general class, but from an iphoneographers point of view. And I will talk about my favorite apps, how to use them and what they are for.

Price: € 35,- (must be payed ahead to secure the spot)

All classes will be small groups, not more than 8 participants, so you will be able to ask questions throughout.

For the coming weeks I have put up a list of possible dates for classes. I might not host a class on every date, but if there is enough interest I will. The possible dates are:

29. Oct.: 14:00-16:30
5. Nov.:  14:00-16:30
6. Nov.:  14:00-16:30
13. Nov.: 14:00-16:30

So, if you are interested in taking one of my classes, send me an e-mail (mariannehope@msn.com) indicating what type of class you are interested in, what times you would be able to join/attend, what kind of camera you have and how much experience you have. If you live in Amsterdam or other areas not too far from Blaricum, there is a possibility for holding a class there as well. Let me know if you are interested.

I will be posting some "behind the scenes" pictures from my other classes on my FB page, Picturely spoken, so check in later if you're interested:) 


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