Wednesday, October 26

Coolest business cards EVER!!!!

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I dare say I just ordered the coolest business cards EVER!!! Many of you have probably already heard of Moo, but if you haven't, take a look at these. At Moo you can order business cards with a different photo or design on every card, you can choose rounded corners or not, orientation, photo on the text side or not, what paper to use AND they have mini cards as well, which you just have to check out for yourself on their site. So many creative ways to use this, and one of them is to show your best pictures as sort of a hands-on portfolio. I ordered one set of iphone cards and one set of picturely spoken cards:) I can't wait till I get these in my hands!!!


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HMN said...

Ok, det der er helt genialt! Jeg må bare bygge meg opp et rykte først så får vi se om det trengs ;)