Tuesday, November 29

Getting ready for December Daily 2011

December is almost here and for once I am ready. At least when it comes to this years December Daily (DD) project, a concept invented years ago by Ali Edwards. I came up with my own take on the concept last year, as I was doing DD for the first time. This is such a busy time of year for me, and I'm guessing also for most of you out there, so I needed to come up with something that wouldn't be too time consuming, but would stay fun all through December. I also wanted a book containing my favorite Christmas recipes, pages with our family traditions and sample of a Christmas card every year, a book that I could use and extend, and just change the DD pages every year. So, I decided to keep it simple and used a basic album and page dividers that I painted with gesso and pre-cut pages from Creative Cafe (Creative Imaginations). The DD pages are very basic, with a simple journaling stamp and a number of the day sticker, using scraps form different older alphabets. I plan to use iphone pictures, one or more per day and add them as I go, sometimes with design papers.

This is the front of this years set of DD pages. I used some old rub-ons, some cut out felt hearts and cut out a figure from 3ndypapir's "juleglede" paper

Some images of the empty pages in this years DD
Here you can see the dividers with the sections "recipes", "traditions" and "Christmas cards" at the back.

I painted the recipe pages with red paint on the top as background for the pictures and used little mini alpha stickers for the title.

The Christmas tradition pages I made a bit more playful and used scraps and different elements. I plan to add to these every year.
This is the front of the book, which I made last year.

I took out last years DD pages and made a book with them by adding 3 book binder rings.
One of the pages from last years DD...
...and one more from last year. You can see more from last years DD here.

So, December 2011 can come! I'm ready:)



Desirée-ScrapDees said...

must be lot's of work but it looks great!

Jorunns hobbyblogg said...

så kjempefin, og god ide :-)

D@nielle said...

so good you're doing this, love your album. I haven't made one ever, just too afraid it will be another unfinished project. Too bad since this will be the last year we're celebrating sinterklaas, then again sinterklaas is over after the first 5 days lol
Next year I hope to have my life in order enought to join in !