Tuesday, November 15

An iphone edit tutorial, using camera+, filterstorm and instagram

The making of a streetphotography in Eindhoven. The first picture is SOOC (straight out of camera), the second is edited in camera+ (shade in scenes + lo-fi in effects + commit edits). I then used the clone stamp in Filterstorm to clone out the little triangle to the right of the man (I'm a perfectionist and it bugged me, what can I say...:))

This is edited once more in camera+: cropped to a square, then flash in scenes + lo-fi in effects + round white border and saved to camera roll. I added the border to get the right crop in instagram with the earlybird filter and frame.
And this is how it looks after I added the earlybird filter and frame.

This is an alternative edit and crop. Can't decide which one I like more:) This is the black & white filter in effects in camera+ on top of the color edited version of the picture.

Good luck in experimenting with my favorite apps, camera+ and filterstorm.


Janne Thörne said...

Thank you so much, for sharing the editing process!

Marianne said...

Takk til deg Janne! Hyggelig at du stakk innom:)

Max Fitzroy said...

Thanks for the tips, Marianne. Camera+ is my primary app for taking pictures but haven't tried using its editor. I'll also check out filterstorm. Thanks for the insight into your process. Looking forward to your next post on ig. Cheers!

Marianne said...

To Max: Thank you very much. Glad you liked it:)

uberjessie said...

Thanks so much for the tips!

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