Wednesday, June 15

It's all about the little things.......

I will be teaching photography and scrapbooking at Scrapqueens workshop weekend in Moerbisch am See, Austria, September 23rd to 25th. Also coming and teaching is Gudrun Loennecken, so this will be all fun. Looking immensely forward to it. In the following a few words about my workshops:

Photography class: It's about the little things - how to capture true life moments that you will treasure for years to come 
The pictures in this collage are all taken with, and edited on, my iphone, so you see, you don't need fancy expensive cameras to take precious pictures:) In today's digital photographic world, there are so many possibilities for anyone who has a remote interest in taking pictures. No matter if you have a big DSLR camera with fancy functions, a compact camera or just a telephone, the possibilities of taking good pictures are there. I will talk about some technical stuff, but my main focus will be on the creative aspect of photography. How to make them better digitally by enhancing them afterwords, what are actions and how do they work, composition and design rules, how to capture emotions. I will talk about seeing the beauty around you and in our every day life, how to treasure "the little things" in life that really matters. I hope to end class with some hands-on learning by doing, but time is the limit so we will have to see how far we get. There will be opportunity to ask questions throughout the class, so it could be wise to write down any specific questions you might have ahead of time. You may also e-mail me questions ahead of the weekend, so that I can appoint them in class. 

scrapbook class: Less is more - a guidance to more confident and time efficient scrapbooking

We will be making 1 or 2 (dep. on time) layouts based on the principles of design. I will talk about the basic rules to creating a good design and show examples of how they work. We will take fun photobooth selfportraits in class that we will use and we will use sketches as base for our designs. After taking this class you will have more knowledge about design, more confidence through the scrapbooking process and scrapbooking will be more fun and time efficient. My goal is to have you all feeling like graphic designers at the end of the day:) If you are curious about the photobooth pictures, I encourage you to test it out before class, as that will save us time. It's a site on the internet and its called "The photocabine". You can also get it as an application on your iphone (it's free) if you are so lucky to have one. So all you need is a computer or laptop with camera or an iphone/ipod touch and you can try this at home. It's great fun. If you print them out at home, you will have more time in class to do scrapbooking:)

If you have any questions regarding my classes or about the topics, you are welcome to write me on my e-mail: or comment here.