Monday, September 24

Superstars, indie rock and geeks

A sign of life from me. Today has been one of those really craaaazy days, where everything happens at ones. I found myself answering and communicating with 5 different people on 5 different apps from 4 different countries today - at the same time!!! I's a good thing I'm well trained in multitasking. And thank good for my iPhone!!!! Some of those chats were actually very good news and can lead to some cool stuff, but more about that later. Right now my post was supposed to be about a blog called GeeksUnleashed, the home of geek culture as they call themselves and their current interview with moi. I have to say I'm very honored to be called a "superstar" although I am realistic enough to know that that is very much exaggerated. Still, how many times in my life will I be called that? The thing is, the person who interviewed me, Kerry Lambert, just might become a real superstar himself one day, being a talented basist for the indie band FiN (which I love btw). If you don't now them, you should check them out, great music!!! So, who knows who the real superstar is...:) 

Anyway, if you are interested in knowing why Kerry thinks I am one or you just want to know some secrets about me, you could check it out here:) 

Have a great day and week!!


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