Wednesday, December 19

Instagram drama - please calm down!

Morning!! Boy what a drama yesterday!! Have everybody calmed down a bit? People really love to hate FB don't they? And the day they bought "our" beloved little app is the day the drama started. Has anyone noticed the positive things that have come from the fusion though? People tend to focus on the negative like the spam or the downfall of the pop page. The thing is, we cant blame IG or FB for the spam, it's a result of the app getting big, attracting all kinds of users and exploiters. In fact they are doing a lot to fight the spam, and it has gotten better. Remember those F4F's and L4L'a? Gone. Just sayin... I'm not saying everything is perfect, but when is it ever?

Now about yesterday's drama. I know legal talk is very hard to understand. Fact is that every online service has TOS and I'm sure that if we took them all apart, we could find something to cry about in everyone of them. Something similar happened when Pinterest changed their TOS and they changed the language after protests. For some reason, people want to believe the worse about IG now that they are owned by FB, so everything they do is over dramatized and criticized. I agree that it's good to be critical, but the paranoia about FB/Ig is extreme. This is why I choose to use common sense and choose to believe Kevin in his reply to the critics and when he says they are sorry about using bad legal language and that nothing has changed in the way they will use our pics. It's good that we show them that we won't accept anything and that we want clarity, and language we can understand, but remember it's so much easier to believe the worse. That's the way it always has been and probably always will be. I think the article on The Verge about the new Instagram TOS gives us a levelheaded view on the hole thing. And if you haven't seen my last post here, it might be an idea to read that too:)

Instagram know that they need their users to survive, more than we need them, and that's a very important fact. They cannot build a business plan on exploiting their users. The users would leave or the quality of the pics they would upload would be useless and bad. Simple as that. 

Conclusion: be critical, but use your common sense and don't jump to conclusions before you know the hole picture. I'm staying, in fact I was never leaving. Hope you'll stay too, cause there really is no other place like Instagram:)

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