Saturday, May 19

"Make a wish" - a Wood Camera tutorial

There's a new app in town, and it's called Wood Camera. It's a very interesting photo editing app with 17 textured layers, 22 filters (or lenses as WC calls them) and 12 frames to choose from. It's not yet the all-in-one photo editing app that it aims to be, but it's getting close and it's already an app I wouldn't be without.  I have tested it on some of my photos and what I love most of all with this app, are the textures and the fact that they are very easily adjustable. As are the lenses/filters btw. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, which does save you from using another app for that purpose. It took me a while to figure out where/how to do those things in the application, but I did figure it out in the end:) Anyway, I liked this so much that I wanted to do a mini tutorial on the process of my picture "Make a wish", a picture which is more than just a picture to me. I took this while out and about with my little girl and we went on an adventure to find those "make-a-wish-flowers". She said she wanted to blow many flowers, so she could make many wishes:). I want to address the fact that I did not add those little parachutes digitally, I was lucky and got the perfect shot (out of many tries:)). I feel that this textured and dreamy editing fits the picture perfectly.  
Picture 1: open up the pic you want to edit (either take a pic directly in the app or get it from your camera roll and click edit (a). 

Picture 2: Click on the filter/lens button (b), then try the different filters (22 to choose from). I chose "Merida"(c). You can adjust the lens intensity (see d). To open the brightness, contrast and more adjustment boxes, touch and slide the "adjustment box" (e) to the left. See pic 4 and (g). This was the function that took me a while to find btw:)

Picture 3: If you click on the eye (f) on top, you get a full view of the picture. Click on it again to return to adjustments and lenses.

Picture 4: Here you can see the brightness adjustment box (g) (also mentioned in pic 2). I brightened my picture a bit, as I know the texture I wanted to add makes it darker. You can also go back and do this after you add the texture.

Picture 5: First I clicked on the texture box (h), then the filter I wanted to use, "Grunge 3" (i) and last I adjusted the intensity (j). I prefer just a hint of texture, so low intensity for me.

Picture 6: Click on eye (k) to see the finished picture, then on "Done" (l).

Picture 7: To save picture, click on the arrow (m)

Picture 8: That brings you to quite a few options of saving. To save to camera roll click first box (o). As you can see you can also add it straight into Instagram and other apps directly from the app (n), which is a pretty cool function if you ask me.

Picture 9: If you do click on "Instagram & others" as in pic 8 (n), it takes you to 7 different app options to send it on to. Click on (p) to post on Instagram.

Voila!! That was it for now. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Please leave a comment if you did and I also would appreciate any feedback you might have on either picture, tutorial or app:) Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 10

Pieces of Holland

I have a graphic mind and a thing for abstracts:) When put together, abstract pictures manage to create a fantastic visual, a piece of art, and I have to say I quite like this collection:) Have a good day. Btw. this picture will be for sale at www.society6/mariannehope (also see link on right side of blog)