Monday, September 24

Superstars, indie rock and geeks

A sign of life from me. Today has been one of those really craaaazy days, where everything happens at ones. I found myself answering and communicating with 5 different people on 5 different apps from 4 different countries today - at the same time!!! I's a good thing I'm well trained in multitasking. And thank good for my iPhone!!!! Some of those chats were actually very good news and can lead to some cool stuff, but more about that later. Right now my post was supposed to be about a blog called GeeksUnleashed, the home of geek culture as they call themselves and their current interview with moi. I have to say I'm very honored to be called a "superstar" although I am realistic enough to know that that is very much exaggerated. Still, how many times in my life will I be called that? The thing is, the person who interviewed me, Kerry Lambert, just might become a real superstar himself one day, being a talented basist for the indie band FiN (which I love btw). If you don't now them, you should check them out, great music!!! So, who knows who the real superstar is...:) 

Anyway, if you are interested in knowing why Kerry thinks I am one or you just want to know some secrets about me, you could check it out here:) 

Have a great day and week!!


Tuesday, September 11

Photo workshop for creative ladies

I'm looking forward to going back to my home country Norway the first weekend of October! This time to teach some of my photographic knowledge to a bunch of creative ladies at the Casatreff organized by CASAkreativ.

My workshop will be on Saturday Oct. 6th from 10 am to 1 pm, price is NOK 400,-  and will be about  how to take creative and meaningful pictures "just" by seeing, noticing and composing right. I will talk about how to capture the little moments and how seeing the world through the lens can make you a happier person:) It's suitable for any camera, following my beliefs that it's not the camera that takes the good picture, it's the eye and the passion behind it;) I will also talk about mobile photography and Instagram and how these two things literally changed my life and my work and made me see the world in squares.

The pictures in this collage are all taken in Oslo this summer with my iPhone4. It was an eyeopening experience, visiting the city I grew up in, walking in the streets and places that I have walked 1000 times before, but never really noticed. This time I could finally appreciate the city, the city life, the architecture, the people and all this city has to offer. It simply made me love my home town again.

If you live close to the T√łnsberg area and would like to participate you can sign up on CASAkreativ or send me an email on Don't hesitate though, the places are filling up fast:)

Friday, September 7

Simply exhibition...

I'm getting ready for my next exhibition, at the Atelierroute in Blaricum, Oude Dorp, which will take place this weekend. This will be the first time I participate in this yearly happening so I am very excited!! The pictures show my new portfolio book, my newly printed Simply cards, one of my favorite motives (poppies) and the very cute mini mini pictures for sale for only € 10,- Will show more pics from the exhibition on my Facebook page for those with interest.

Now have a good night!!!