Friday, November 30

Second week of the Life's a photo campaign - macro

These were my submissions for this weeks assignment on Life's a photo. The assignment was show your city in macro mode. A fun and eyeopening way of seeing a city, and I have to say: I LOVE Amsterdam through the macro lens!!! If you do too, please help Amsterdam become the most photogenic city by visiting the campaign page and sharing the pictures you like most. The first two pictures are the ones picked for the competition and if you click on the pics you should be sent directly to where the pics are showcased.

Thursday, November 29

The future of digital photography

Do you wonder what all the talk about the Samsung Galaxy Camera is? Watch this film to understand how cameras will work in the future. It's pretty amazing...

This is the camera that I am using for my assignments in the "Life's a photo" campaign. I am representing Amsterdam in the competition and if you like our pictures, and/or the city, every share you do of the photos will help Amsterdam towards being one of the most photogenic cities in the world. I find it deserves it:)

Monday, November 26

Life's a Photo - Amsterdam

Hi everyone!! I'm one of 4 photographers who represent Amsterdam in the "life's a photo" campaign  We will do our best to show the world what a beautiful city it is and hopefully we can show that it's the most photogenic one compared to the 7 other cities competing. If you like our pictures and/or our city and would like to help, please visit the site and like or share our photos of Amsterdam.

You can also sign up to win an artprint, one winner every week. All help is appreciated!!

Greenhouse effect - Life's a Photo - Take It #lifesaphoto

Sunday, November 25

First week of Life's a photo campaign - Landscape mode

These are 3 of my submissions to this weeks Life's a photo assignment; "Show Amsterdam in landscape mode" You can still share and show you like the Amsterdam photos on the Samsung Galaxy Camera tumblr page. The pics are taken by 4 amsterdam photographers and I think Amsterdam rocks!!!!